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Shelley Bowles is an Australian artist residing in Eora/ Sydney, she recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts [majoring in painting] at the National Art School. 


Bowles creates vibrant, colourful, site specific installations and sculptures. With an interest in the play of light, the works are activated and amplified with LED or solar light. There is a poetry to the refracted light dancing onto the architectural space the works integrate with. 

Shelley Bowles Artist.jpg
Expand into space.png

Ambiguity plays a major part in the artworks,  Diaphanous in Flight, 230 x 240 x 80 cm, covers an entire wall and appears to be constructed from a lightweight fabric, in reality it is spray painted metal. While the interference film in the Choreography of Light series, creates surreal reflections and colour changes depending on the viewing angle. This ambiguity challenges the viewers perception.


Bowles also works across multiple 2D media, the works in her practice take various forms. They include large ethereal multilayered paintings, spray painted tapestry’s and detailed abstract photographic works.


Future 2023 group exhibitions:


March 27th Darlinghurst Road Gallery, 

May 22nd Sheffer Gallery, Darlington. 



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